30 before 30: Recap

As you may be aware, I turned 30 last week. Eeek! I spent the weekend celebrating in the Lake District, and woke up on my actual birthday to a cup of tea in bed and pancakes. I even squeezed in a run/walk around the Fitness Trail in Wendover Woods – an opportunity to get outside in the fresh air doing something I love, and to remind myself that 30 isn’t ‘old’ and that I can still have a laugh!

Last year on my birthday I wrote a 30 before 30 list with some goals to try and achieve – some fun, some serious, some just for the hell of it.

I thought that I would take a look back at that list and see how I got on, not with the intention of making myself feel bad for not achieving everything, but to see how things can change in the space of just a year…

30 BEFORE 30

  1. Run a marathon (or register for one) – I entered the ballot for the London Marathon but didn’t get in. I have no intention of signing up to another marathon.
  2. Gain a fitness qualification – I have (almost) completed the Nutrition for Sport & Exercise course with Future Fit Training, I just need to submit my assessment. 
  3. Adopt a cat (maybe) – no. I would still love to, but it doesn’t fit with my current social situation.
  4. Get a tattoo (maybe) – still on the fence about this one, we’ll see…
  5. Visit France – yes! I became Godmother to my best friend’s little boy at his christening in France last year. 
  6. Get an article published in a magazine – still working on this one. I’ve had numerous features online, but not in a print magazine. Although if you count work then technically I have – Adjacent Government anyone?
  7. Go on a cycling holiday – I went away with Healthy Start Holidays, which involved some cycling. 
  8. Climb a mountain – several ticked off on my Lake District trips with James!
  9. Learn the basics of meditation and practise – I covered this one on Sally Parkes Hacienda Yoga Retreat last summer. It was a short lived discovery, but one I’d like to take up again.
  10. Go on a girls weekend – not really. I went away with Jo on the Yoga Retreat and have visited my sister in Norwich.
  11. Complete a cycling race – yes! I cycled London to Brighton, and RideLondon 100 last year.
  12. Go on a spa break – I took myself away for a one day spa visit to Reigate Priory at the end of last year. It was lovely!
  13. Find the perfect “little black dress” – still looking…but I’m not really sure black is my colour.
  14. Host a dinner party – no. Definitely still on the ‘to-do list’ though.
  15. Learn how to apply eyeliner – I think this is something that could take years to master!
  16. Get up and watch the sunrise – yes, sort of. I’ve seen it from the car as we drove up to the Lake District super early!
  17. Hire a car and go on a road trip – and likewise, we’ve road-tripped to the Lake District several times. 
  18. Clear (some of) my credit card debts – ups and downs here…
  19. Organise my photos and print my favourites – James bought me a little bluetooth portable printer for Christmas so I’ve started on this, but I would love to get things more organised. It does make me sad sometimes that I take so many photos that just disappear into the ether of the world wide web.
  20. Cultivate a balcony/terrace garden – definitely a plan for this spring/summer. I do have to admit, I have the opposite of green fingers though, and things just tend to die!
  21. Volunteer for a good cause – no. Will look to remedy this! Any suggestions? I love volunteering at races, so will maybe look into this.
  22. Go to a gig/festival – this one is a little bit sad as I love live music, but I think the answer is no 🙁
  23. Spectate at a sporting event – do running races count?! 
  24. Have swimming lessons – nope. Still on the bucket list. 
  25. Keep a journal every day for a month – yes. I’ve done this on and off. I go through phases of writing regularly and then it fizzles out, but I am loving my Happiness Planner at the moment. 
  26. Go on a date(s) – well, I think we all know the answer to that one! <3
  27. Learn to do a pull-up – hmm…
  28. Cycle 100 miles – not quite. I did 80 at last year’s RideLondon 100 because of diversions, but am hoping to make it this year. 
  29. Go on a beach holiday – no. I went to the beach in the UK a couple of times though. 
  30. DANCE! Always 🙂

Here’s to making lots more exciting plans for the next year!

30 before 30 recap


I tested out some new kit from Apricot Clothing on our jaunt through the woods. They are an online women’s fashion brand that just launched their ‘Apricot Life’ range of athleisure. Most of it is a little pink and I’m not a fan of jogging bottoms, but I do like the comfy sweatshirts and simple styling. It’s not too fussy or detailed, just practical nice looking kit that is comfortable to wear.

Unfortunately, as I’ve discovered quite a lot recently their leggings were too big. I should have just gone for a smaller size, but tend to always err on the side of caution with new brands (note: I was sent a size 12). Consequently while the black and pink panel leggings were nice, they just fell down when running or doing any kind of high energy exercise.

I loved the charcoal cowl neck hoody though and have basically lived in it at home for the past week. It is super soft, but breathable so you don’t get sweaty, and has a drawstring at the waist for extra styling – and so it doesn’t look too baggy and shapeless. I probably wouldn’t normally run in it, but it’s great for wearing to and from workouts, or whilst warming up.

30 before 30 recap

Are you a fan of fitness/adventure trails? What are/were your 30th birthday goals?

Beki x

NB: I was sent the Apricot clothing to review but as always all opinions are my own. 

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