Post-Baby Return to Running: Part 2 Progress not Perfection

I started running again last September, 7 months after having my son, full of enthusiasm about completing the Couch to 5k programme that autumn and maybe running a New Year’s Day parkun as a way to kick off 2024. The positivity remains but I’ve had to reel in my ambition and settle for a slightly more sedate journey through the sessions on the C25K app. Now into March, I’ve finally made it to Week 7, but let’s be honest, it’s been all about progress, not perfection.

With my maternity leave ending and heading back to work, I’ve had a little more time to myself when Arthur is at nursery. However, although I’ve managed a few lunchtime runs I’ve also found that trying to get my brain back up to speed and juggle doing two jobs at once is pretty exhausting, and time-consuming. So although going for a run is a nice break from that, I often feel I need to tick everything off (both at work and home) before I go and pick Arthur up, so I can spend more quality time with him in the evenings.

The first few months of 2024 have seen some pretty changeable weather too which can be a deterrent to a regular running schedule when you’re just starting out, although it hasn’t been freezing so I haven’t had my usual challenge of my asthma rearing its head. In fact, since having a baby it hasn’t been an issue – does anyone know if this type of thing can disappear after having children? It may be that I simply haven’t been active enough yet!

It can be a challenge to find the time to exercise when you’ve got little ones, and with both James and myself being (relatively) active individuals, one solution to that is to go out running as a couple. Then baby gets to come too and we get to spend time together. I’ve loved having the company and the opportunity to mix things up and keep my sessions interesting. Arthur enjoys ‘zooming’ along in his buggy, and I think running and pushing the Thule will also help boost my fitness long-term. If only to make the runs without it seem easier by comparison.

adidas Supernova Rise Review

I’ve been testing out the new adidas Supernova Rise over the last month, which are marketed as one of the best everyday running shoes that seamlessly combine comfort and support. Women’s Health (US) named them ‘best running shoe for every level’, so I had high hopes when initially purchasing them.



I’ve managed about 3.5 hours of running or seven C25K sessions in that time – approximately two a week – which for me is great consistency! Initial impressions of the Supernova Rise are positive too. They were comfortable straight out of the box, and have been easy to slip on and wear for my current type of running which is more focused on fun and fitness, than training for anything specific.

The Supernova Rise shoes feature Dreamstrike+ which is adidas’ latest super foam technology in the midsole, which helps to give a plush feel whilst you’re running and the Support Rods in the sole ensure support from heel to toe. Even better, adidas currently have a 30-day trial option on these shoes (which quite a few running shops do as well), meaning you have the option to return them if they don’t work for you, no matter how many miles you’ve run or the condition they’re in. I wasn’t initially sure whether to go for the Rise or the stability version of the shoe (the Supernova Solution) so knowing I could swap them after 30 days if needed was a real plus point.

Over the next few months, I’ll be aiming to (finally) complete the Couch to 5k programme, but will still be keeping my goals fairly loose. I’m not signing up for anything just yet, even though I would love to eventually do a local race with Arthur in the buggy! For now, it’s continuing my slow progress, and trying not to focus too much on perfection.

Beki x

NB: The adidas Supernova Rise were purchased with a gift card as part of my involvement in the adidas blogger community. As always, all opinions are my own.

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