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You can buy pretty much anything online these days, and that includes stocking up your freezer with meat!

You may have seen my post on Muscle Food Live Clean meals back in January, well, Muscle Food also sell a range of hampers containing different types of lean meats, including chicken, mince, burgers, sausages and meatballs. Over the last few months I’ve cooked curries, steak and chips, sausage casseroles and more, testing out their meats.

Muscle Food recipes

My verdict? 

I’m pretty impressed! The meat is good quality, tastes great and has no added water, salt or any other additives. The chicken breasts are huge, double the size you normally get, the steak had to be some of the best I’ve ever tasted, and the bacon medallions kept their shape and didn’t shrink at all like a lot of supermarket products do.

What’s even better is that all the meats are responsibly sourced from reputable farms with EU and British animal welfare standards met – quite often the worry when you buy cheaper meat is that it comes from a poor quality background as well. It’s actually really nice to find out that you can get top quality products on a budget, and still know they’ve come from a responsible source! A lot of Muscle Food products have the Red Tractor logo which indicates products have come from an farm which meets their high standards of food safety, hygiene, animal welfare and the environment. The Union Jack in the logo also provides assurance that the food has been farmed, processed and packed in the UK.

I tried the Muscle Food 56 piece Slimming Selection which contains:

  • 12 x chicken breasts
  • 2 x rump steaks
  • 2 x beef hache steaks
  • Chicken meatballs
  • Beef steak mince
  • Cumberland sausages
  • Chilli & garlic sausages
  • 2 x turkey hache steaks
  • 2 x burgers
  • 10 x back bacon medallions

Muscle Food recipes

Everything is less than 5% fat, and costs just £45! Pretty amazing I have to say. I actually still have a couple of bits still in my freezer, but am sure I will be placing another order very soon.

And if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something a bit different, Muscle Food also stock seafood, veal, duck, game and ‘exotic meats’ such as ostrich, buffalo, crocodile and kangaroo! I think I’ll stick to the chicken…

Want to place an order with Muscle Food? Use my code ‘BC550212‘ and grab yourself some freebies on your first purchase.

Have you ordered meat online – not from a supermarket – or do you use a local butcher?

Beki x

NB: I was sent a hamper of Muscle Food meats to try but all cooking and opinions are my own. 

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