Week 3 Check-In: MyPT Studio Transformation

Week 3 – one week to go!

Last week I felt like a bit of a failure in terms of exercise – due to bad planning I only managed to fit in two sessions at MyPT Studio (plus a couple of yoga classes at the OM Yoga Show). It sounds silly, but it’s a bit of an inner struggle at the moment between wanting to stick to my fitness goals and wanting to spend time with the new boyfriend… We did enjoy a lovely walk together on Sunday however, so I do have to keep reminding myself that fitness isn’t all “in the gym”, it’s about everyday activity and moving more on an day-to-day basis.

Week 3 check in - myPT transformation

I haven’t been taking weekly photos (as advised, instead of weighing yourself) as I honestly didn’t really expect to see a difference in only a couple of weeks.  However I was messing about after the circuit class on Thursday, and took a “flex” photo. When I posted it next to a pic I’d taken a couple of months ago I was actually really surprised. All the lovely comments I got from people on social media definitely picked me up, and made me feel a lot better about my sub-par performance this week! Slow and steady…

Week 3 Check In - MyPT studio transformation
On the food front, I did a lot better, with homemade burgers and butternut squash soup definitely two of the highlights – it’s great to discover recipes that I will be adding to my regular repertoire and making again. Butternut squash has to be one of the most difficult vegetables to prepare, but it’s worth the effort for this soup I promise! The addition of an apple and sprinkle of cinnamon gave it a lovely sweet twist, and the crispy bacon on top a salty hit- definitely a delight for the taste-buds. Possibly the fact that I’m more hungry when I’m preparing these dishes now, means I appreciate the flavours more as well!

I will admit I’m struggling to drink smoothies in the morning though with the weather turning colder. I might have to go back to porridge after the Transformation Challenge is over, just to help me warm up before leaving the house and avoid frozen fingers on the smoothie bottle!

Week 3 Check In - MyPT studio transformation

OM Yoga Show

On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the OM Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace with my friend Jo. I’ve been for the last couple of years as part of my collaboration with OM Yoga Magazine, and it’s a great place to try out lots of different styles of yoga, taste an amazing array of raw chocolate, and ogle all the colourful leggings!

It did feel ridiculously busy this year, and although Jo and I were hoping to give Aerial Yoga a try the queue for the class was just too long. We did manage to just about squeeze into a “Soulful Stretch” with Sally Parkes (and her baby bump!) though. I’ve been on several of her yoga retreats and love Sally’s down-to-earth, fun teaching style. I’m eyeing up the Tilton House retreat for next year, which comes complete with a yoga yurt for classes!

Om Yoga Show 2016We also finished off the day with “Flow and Restore” with Paula Hines, who has the most relaxing voice in the world, and almost put me and Jo to sleep during our Yoga Nidra at Florence House last year. You wouldn’t think it would really be possible to switch off in the middle of a huge, loud exhibition centre, with hundreds of people walking past but I managed to completely zone out – if only for 30 minutes – just by tuning into her voice. If you can make it along to one of Paula’s classes in London I highly recommend you go for a break from the madness!

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How have you been active this week? Did anyone else visit the OM Yoga Show this weekend? 

Beki x

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