Training at MyPT Studio

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably have seen quite a few photos over the last month taken at MyPTstudio – I started working with the guys at the beginning of March, attending their small group training sessions. The classes are circuits-based with 12 stations mixing strength training and cardio. You spend 40 seconds working at maximum effort, followed by 20 seconds recovery for each exercise, and do the whole circuit twice – by the end I’m achey and sweaty, but we always do a “finisher” as well, just to make sure you really have put your all into each session!

I chatted to owner Tom Riddick on how the studio came about and why small group training is such a popular model at the moment… (My friend Steph is doing a very similar thing at FitMiBody near Old Street – we’ve got a comparison post coming up soon!)



Danny Wallace – Director


Tom Riddick – Director










“After graduating from Winchester University with a Sports and Leisure Management degree, I soon went on to take my PT qualifications and immediately set out to create a career within the industry that I loved. I developed many of my skills by working alongside some of the top Personal Trainers in the industry at Virgin Active, Croydon. Within a year I’d built up a client-base and invaluable experience from training more than 25 weekly clients, each with different goals, needs and backgrounds. I soon developed a love for helping clients achieve their personal best – and I wanted to help as many people as I possibly could!”

Training at MyPT studio

The launch of MyPT Studio in Croydon

“In the summer of 2012, I took the plunge and created the very first MyPTstudio. – a small, but fully equipped training studio. Croydon was the perfect area to create this studio training concept. There were no PT specialist studios in the area, while clearly there was a market where Personal Trainers could thrive. Within three months I had a further 3 full time PT’s as part of the team.

MyPTstudio would offer clients a solution; all the best Personal Trainers in the area, under one roof. No need for a fancy gym membership or inflated prices. Croydon represented the perfect place to start a business and an opportunity to make a difference.

Training at MyPT Studio Croydon

After 3 successful years operating as a 1:1 Personal Training studio I started to look into the next step. I met Danny Wallace – now MyPTstudio Director – in 2014. Danny shared my vision when it came to offering a personalised, results-driven service, while he also had vast experience working with clients as a Personal Trainer himself.

We both identified a huge gap within the market; there were clearly those who wanted the results that come from 1:1 Personal Training, but what about those who were unable to afford those prices? We went to work on creating a plan that would not exclude such a large sector of the market; one that would bring great results to even more people.”

Training at MyPT studio

The Group Training concept

“The result was The MyPT360 Group Training Programme, a scientifically proven results-based training programme with monthly pricing options that were affordable to the average consumer. This also saw us expand into a larger training studio – designed specifically to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding Personal Training client-base.

While the group concept would bring price down, it was imperative that premium quality and personal touches would remain. We wanted this to feel very different to your usual gym-based class. The Programme features Health Assessments and Progress Check-ins, Postural Screening, educational “How-To’s”, custom designed Nutrition Guides. It features many of the strategies we’ve successfully used with our 1:1 Personal Training clients over the years. We recognise that exercising alone can often be a lonely experience and one that requires a huge level dedication and self-discipline. The MyPT360 Group Programme eliminates confusion as to what exercises to do and how; it empowers clients with all the skills and knowledge they need to achieve results, while also providing the motivational push to keep coming back for more.”

Training at MyPT studio Croydon

“Its little surprise that clients are reporting tangible improvements from as little as two weeks in. They’re also having fun in the process – which proves key when it comes to long-lasting success.

We firmly believe that when you remove the “chore” from working out and actually make exercise fun, the results will soon take care of themselves!

In developing such a unique Group Training model that is truly personal, we’ve been able to extend our reach to help a wider range of clients, all at a more affordable rate – while revolutionising the Personal Training industry in the process.”

Training at MyPT Studio Croydon

I am definitely seeing myself getting stronger, even though I’m only managing to squeeze in one or two sessions per week – and have been off all of last week with a stinking cold! The groups are friendly and encouraging and I really love the variety of exercises so you never get bored. Each exercise also has a little card next to it with five different difficulty levels so you can adjust to your own abilities and see yourself improving as you move up to the next level- I’ll have more posts coming up as I progress!

Have you tried small group training or circuits based sessions? 

Beki x

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