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  • RideLondon 46 - cycling in Richmond Park

    RideLondon 46: Pros and Cons

    I’ve taken part in RideLondon 100 for the last three years with varying degrees of success, mainly due to the…

  • Cycling goals 2018 with Livall

    2018 Cycling Goals with Livall

    I’m taking part in the RideLondon-Surrey 100 again this year, and with only about seven weeks to go I’m trying…

  • My RideLondon Recap

    I think the above photo sums up my RideLondon experience quite well. Sunshine, a massive smile on my face, surrounded…

  • Cycling kit for London to Brighton

    My New Cycling Kit

    Expanding my activewear and fitness kit to include cycling gear these past few months has been pretty fun. Even if…