Cycling training update

With only 2 days to go until the BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride I’m feeling rather nervous! I know I’m undertrained but I’m also massively determined, and if you know me at all, you’ll know I don’t give up.

When I’ve said I’m going to do something I will do it.

And I know that I can complete the distance, it might just take a while! I’m going to conservatively say 10 miles an hour, due to my little legs, the hills and the number of people taking part in the ride causing congestion. This would mean a 5 hour trip, so I’m hoping to leave as close to 6am (the first start wave) as possible and arrive in Brighton for a fish and chip lunch on the beach!

I’ve got the coach booked on the way back for me and my bike, so it’s just a case of checking the weather forecast to decide what to wear and trying to pack light. Wish me luck!

Cycling training update

On Sunday I headed out for a training ride – in the pouring rain – not something that I was particularly excited about to start with, but it ended up being fun. And slowly but surely my confidence is increasing with riding on roads with scary cars and junctions, and I’m able to enjoy the views and the feeling of freedom a little more.

I did fall off and smash my elbow and my knee which wasn’t so much fun, but I figure as long as I get back on (and don’t actually break anything) it’s all part of the learning curve. I don’t seem to have trouble with unclipping in time for roundabouts or anything, rather with trying to stop on hills when my legs have given up on me and I need a break! Any tips with that please let me know.

Cycling training update

We did just under 20 miles in total, with a tea break at the Priory Farm Cafe just outside South Nutfield  – a few CLIF shot bloks and chocolate and I felt energised to tackle the return leg.

This was the same place I visited with the Addiscombe Cycling Club Leisure Ride the previous weekend. It was definitely less busy this time because of the weather!

Cycling training update

I enjoyed myself a lot more on this ride than the previous weekend too, probably because I wasn’t worrying about being held up by me being slow or getting left behind.

Sunday will be about taking things at my own pace. I’m excited to complete my first cycle event, and tick off a pretty big challenge! Follow me on Instagram at misswheezy1 to see how I get on.

Cycling training update

How are you with exercising in the rain? Any tips for my first cycling event?

Beki x

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