My Top Books for a Healthy 2016

I’ve acquired quite a few awesome cookbooks in the last few weeks so thought I would share my top picks. This list also includes some other fantastic fitness and wellbeing books to help you enjoy a successful and stress-free 2016.

  1. Crussh: Juices, Smoothies and Boosters*

This book is packed with gorgeous looking colourful juices and smoothies, that will definitely help you reach your 5-a-day! Written by Crussh, the UK’s fastest growing chain of juice bars, the book shares some of their nutritious drinks that are easy to make and delicious to drink. Not having a juicer I’ve only tried a couple of the smoothie recipes so far, but I’m sure it will be a book I turn to for inspiration a lot more come the Spring/Summer!

Strawberry Cool - Crussh Smoothies

2. Lean In 15

Yes, a healthy book list wouldn’t be complete without man of the moment Joe Wicks’ new book, Lean In 15. The book includes a huge list of fifteen minute meals and workouts to keep you lean and healthy. I haven’t really been a follower of The Body Coach up till now, but am catching up!

I’m not normally one to jump on the bandwagon just because everyone else has something, but I’m actually really impressed with this book. It’s really nice quality, with great photos and hundreds of tasty, but simple recipes. No fancy ingredients are needed, and Joe has divided them up into pre-workout, post-workout and snacks with information on when to eat protein, carbs etc. If you’ve been watching his 15sec recipe videos on social media for a while then you may recognise some of the meals. I’ve already tried the Bad-Boy Burrito – tweaking it slightly to use chopped sausages instead of steak, yum!

Bad Boy Burrito - Lean In 15

3. The Part-Time Vegetarian*

I’m trying to save money this year, and stick to a stricter budget now that I have a lower income. One of the suggestions I’ve come across a few times is to eat less meat, and more vegetables, legumes, nuts, pulses, and eggs. This book taps into the growing trend of the flexitarian diet (part-time vegetarian) with recipes showcasing more underused ingredients such as rainbow chard.

Organised by meal type, the book features chapters on Breakfasts & Brunches, Light Meals, Weekday Dinners, Weekend Cooking, Food for Sharing, and Something Sweet. Again it includes lovely photography and while some of the recipes are more complicated, they’re great to make at the weekend when you have a bit more time and want to try something new!

Poached eggs and rainbow chard

4. Run Yourself Fit*

I love this little book! Written by Christina Macdonald, former editor of Women’s Fitness magazine, founder of Women’s Running magazine and keen runner, the book is packed full of top tips for beginner runners. Christina believes that anyone who is healthy can run, whatever their age, size or fitness level and this book aims to show you how!

It is broken down into useful sections and includes training plans, dietary advice and inspirational case studies to help runners gain confidence and reap the benefits of running. I love the little quotes that are included throughout, and the pocket-size nature of the book – it’s perfect to throw in your bag for some on-the-go motivation!

Run Yourself Fit

5. Colouring for Contemplation*

Colouring for adults has become the latest trend, in an attempt to help us slow down, breathe and live more fully in the present. This beautiful colouring book is full of lovely illustrations each with an accompanying quote, divided into three sections – Mindfulness, Insight and Inspiration. The simple designs allow you to really get creative and rediscover your inner child!

Colouring for Contemplation

There are also a few others that deserve an honourable mention in my healthy books for 2016 list!

Jamie Oliver’s Every Day Superfood – I love Jamie’s Ministry of Food cookbook for it’s nourishing comfort food and simple recipes. This is a more “healthy” cookery book with nutritionally balanced recipes designed to help you stick to your recommended daily allowance of calories. But the food is still tasty and using easily accessible ingredients, with simple substitutes like using yoghurt instead of cream in carbonara.

My Lakeland Slow Cooker book which came with my new slow cooker – I am loving this book in particular, which is teaching me more about creating slow-food- the beef hotpot with cheesy dumplings was a particular hit! The complete opposite in time-scale to the Lean In 15 quick recipes but equally tasty.

Ignite- 4 Weeks to a Leaner, Faster and Hotter Body* by awesome Personal Trainer Julia Buckley. I’m a big fan of Julia’s high intensity short workouts that will help to increase your fitness and deliver great weight loss results. Her latest eBook is particularly useful for getting in a fantastic sweat session anywhere you are, as the 30-minute workouts require no equipment.


What would be on your healthy book list for helping you stick to your New Year resolutions? 

Beki x

NB: Those products marked with an * were sent to me for review, but as always all opinions are my own. 

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