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WIAW totally slipped me by this week – I completely forgot to take photos of my food, and just decided that it would be really boring without pictures, so let it go. I don’t want to get to the point where I feel I have to write a blog post just because, even when I don’t feel like it – this is meant to be fun after all! 🙂

Anyway, Friday is here and I haven’t done this for a while so thought I’d share some link love this week…

Some Paleo(ish) recipes I’ve tried/keen to try:

1. Mango and avocado salsa on pan seared salmon – this is amazing!

2. Cauliflower and carrot herb mash – a great idea if you’re craving mashed potatoes…
3. Pork shoulder steaks with apples and wholegrain mustard – I did a version of this in the oven, pretty tasty!
4. 7 Paleo breakfast ideas – these look yummy…
5. Easy strawberry chia seed jam
6. Poached eggs with tomato, avocado and basil – a Paleo version of Eggs Benedict, almost… I added some smoked salmon to make it even better!

Other fun:

1.8 things worth knowing about eating sushi – who knew you should eat the fish in a certain order?! Will definitely be trying that 🙂
2. The 26 stages of taking up running – so funny!
3. Liquids vs Solids for fueling a workout
4. And how to cycle up a hill – definitely need this advice… 🙂

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend guys!

Beki x

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