Weekly Workout Recap : Friendships

Monday – REST
Tuesday – Crossfit 6-7pm
Wednesday – Run 2miles
Thursday – Crossfit 7-8am
Friday – REST
Saturday – Run 3.5miles
Sunday – REST

Only two Crossfit sessions last week as I went to see Wicked on Monday – it was amazing! I seriously recommend it if you’re looking for a great musical in London.

Tuesday’s Crossfit session focused on the Cluster – a clean and a thruster… cluster!

Here’s the breakdown:

I used a 15kg bar as I was mainly working on learning the movement technique but it was still a sweaty workout!

I’ve been doing Crossfit for about 6 weeks now, but there’s still new moves I’m coming across!

On Wednesday I went on a very sticky run down to the river in my On running shoes. I’m enjoying testing these out still, and they’re great for sprints – I’m trying to slowly add in some 30sec faster intervals on my shorter runs, and the first one I felt like I was flying over the pavement!

The second Crossfit workout of the week was a partner workout which I love- one of the things I’m really enjoying about Crossfit is building friendships and the social side of fitness. 
Michelle and I are roughly equal in terms of strength so we were able to use the same weights for front squats, and the same bands to scale our pull-ups. We also finished with a round the block run which was a nice way to end – getting outside to cool off after working hard!

Any new workout moves you’ve learnt recently? Do you find the social aspect of exercise motivates you to keep going? 

Beki x
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