Dealing with Anxiety – OM Yoga Magazine March

Dealing with Anxiety – OM Yoga Magazine March

Stress, anxiety and depression have become all too common in our everyday lives, particularly in this demanding, digital modern world. Even if you don’t suffer from it as a medical condition, little things that stress us out pop up all the time – from really trivial worries, to much bigger emotional stressors such as relationships, money, work etc.

Even panicking that you’re travelling by yourself for the first time in quite a while, going to a new place, having to talk to new people, and take part in fitness activities which might be too challenging for you to keep up – all things which I thought about as I was heading off to the Healthy Start Holiday this week!

It’s important for us to be able to recognise the stressors being placed on us, and take a moment to deal with it – something that will ease the worry, whatever will work for you. It’s definitely easier said than done when someone tells you to “relax” or “chill out” however!

The latest issue of OM Yoga magazine has some great tips for dealing with stress and anxiety – I actually find that Yoga itself really helps. Taking that time on your mat to think about your breathing and your body, and just focusing on the moment takes some of the pressure off. It’s a little break, some escapism from whatever it is that is troubling you.

Dealing with Anxiety with yoga

Three Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

Notice your breath

Inhale for a count of four, exhale for a count of four. Focus your mind on the counting, and the panic should subside.

Look for areas of tension in your body and soften those muscles

Make your way from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head, consciously relaxing every part of your body. Pay particular attention to areas where stress and anxiety tends to settle – whether thats furrowing your brow, feeling your stomach clench or your throat tighten, once you become aware of those areas you can start to reverse it.

Remember that fear and faith cannot co-exist

If worry has taken your brain hostage, somewhere along the way you’ve lost faith. And that doesn’t mean religious faith, simply a belief that you have the power and control to deal with a situation and that things will work out.

Consider what you can do about what is causing those anxious thoughts, and begin seeking a solution. Start to take the control back over how you are feeling.



What are your techniques for dealing with stressful situations or moments of anxiety? 

Beki x


NB: It is not my intention to trivialise or insult those people who are dealing with more significant mental issues – in some cases, it quite clearly needs more than “taking a deep breath” to address those problems, and I can only encourage you to speak to someone who may be able to help.


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