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I haven’t played team sports properly since I was at University, these days preferring to take part in solo exercise such as running and cycling – even if I do enjoy doing those things with other people!

However, I’m lucky enough to have landed a job where my colleagues are like my team-mates, a huge crew that put on fantastic events for other people to take part in! We have a laugh, get along as friends (mostly) and support all the different members of the team in their roles.

As a company, we have a weekly Sports Club that takes place every Wednesday, and through that I’ve rediscovered team sports, of a kind. Hitting a ball to the edge of the field in rounders, playing ‘Round the World’ in tennis, snagging a try in touch-rugby and smashing an ace (maybe) in badminton. We also do Spinning, circuits sessions, running club, cycling in Richmond Park and are even looking at visiting a trampoline park!


Team sports

Getting back to playing team sports – even if a little ad hoc, where we bend the rules and don’t always have enough players – has been great fun. It reintroduces that element of competition, team-work and sense of fun and I love doing different things each week. It’s been good to try different sports that I perhaps wouldn’t normally choose, and is a way to be a little less serious with work colleagues and get to know them a bit better!

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers posting about the new #WomenInSport campaign with Vitality, which aims to encourage more women to try out team sports, and I have to say I love the idea (read Tess’ post on trying hockey here).

Back when I was at school and Uni, I played and loved Netball – I even won a trophy for it in Year 7 or 8. I usually played Wing Defence (WD) or Goal Defence (GD) and was always happy when I managed to prevent the other team from scoring! I even joined a team when I was in Australia studying. Over there they had mixed teams, with a much faster and more agressive style of play which was really exciting and definitely kept me fit!


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Which team sport would you try if given the choice? Did you play Netball at school – what was your position? 

Beki x

NB: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Go Girl Car Insurance. 

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