10k training update

With 1 week to go until the Run Reigate 10k, I have pretty mixed feelings about my training.

Sunday was the Great North Run and I will admit it knocked me a little thinking that I was missing out, even though I know deferring was the right decision. I never like giving up on a challenge but at the moment I am just not enjoying pushing myself on runs, preferring to take my time, stop for photos and take walking breaks when required.

I’m up to running 9km as my training plan suggested by this point, but I wouldn’t say it was comfortable and I’m not feeling optimistic about a PB- I’ve only managed two runs per week instead of the three I was hoping for and have definitely slacked off on the yoga. Still I don’t want to seem all doom and gloom! This is the longest I’ve run for about 6 months (Richmond Riverside 10k in March) and with my asthma, transitioning from cycling to running has been much harder than anticipated – particularly with the warmer weather.

10k Training Update

A few bits of new kit have definitely helped to put a spring in my step though! It might seem shallow but new shoes or new running leggings give me an incentive to go out, if only to test them out. And I have to say I’m a huge fan of my new Brooks Adrenaline GTS*. I’ve always run in the Ravenna, but the Adrenaline offer a little more support and cushioning which can only be a good thing with my dodgy knee. I’ve been wearing them with some Skins compression caprisfrom the new Dnamic range which have the most amazing patterns and prints! The gradient compression is designed to support the glutes, quads and hamstrings, increasing oxygen delivery and reducing lactic acid build up. They definitely feel super comfortable to wear and have helped get me through my last couple of long runs with minimal achiness.

10k Training Update

The Fitbit Surge* is my latest gadget as well – this comes with built in GPS as well as the heart rate monitor and step tracker. You can also log other workouts such as hiking, yoga and weights, and view your calls and texts! However, the first few days of use I was really disappointed in the battery life. Using the GPS was running it down so fast that I was basically having to charge the watch every day. However, once I let it run completely down (I put it in my bag and forgot about it for a day) and then charged it again, the battery seems much better. Don’t get me wrong, the GPS still eats up the charge but it now lasts for around 3-4 days and I’m really enjoying using it. I can sync it directly with Strava and I really like having just one watch that does everything instead of a Fitbit and a Garmin.

Of course, not everyone enjoys running with tech, but I like seeing my (slow) progress and earning my Vitality rewards, Bounts and Earthmiles from racking up the steps too. It is probably a bit too bulky to sleep in really but I’ve kind of got used to it being on my wrist, although I do wish the strap was a bit shorter (I’ve got the large).

I will definitely be sticking these items on my kit list for next weekend’s race, as well as packing my trusty Jabra wireless headphones and wearing a Shock Absorber bra – my absolute running essentials!

What are your thoughts on running tech? Any new items on your race day packing list recently?

Beki x

NB: Items with an * next to them have been gifted to me for review, but as always all opinions are my own. 

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