Planning for Adventure: Winter Essentials

I’m always looking for the next adventure, a new challenge, a different goal to aim for! The HUGE Outdoor Adventure and Camping Show, London Bike Show, Triathlon Show and Oceans Show that took place at the Excel Centre last weekend was the perfect place for inspiration.

From the beautiful bikes to rows of high-tech tents, from gorgeous cycling jerseys to hiking boots and backpacks, there were plenty of things to lust after! Throughout the four days there was also an array of practical entertainment including the Air to the Throne guys doing their tricks and jumps, the Street Velodrome and Test Track where you could try out different bikes, as well as a Survival Camp to attempt to build a fire, a Caving experience and a Climbing wall.

Outdoor Adventure Show

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, we’re off to the Lake District this weekend as a joint 30th birthday and 1-year anniversary celebration, so this was a fantastic opportunity to pick up any last minute bits. I am desperately looking forward to going away, switching off, unwinding and getting back to nature for a bit. I find myself craving open sky, trees and green after too long in London!

Here are my top five essentials for making a success of your next winter adventure:

Outdoor Adventure Camping ShowHeadtorch – at this time of year, it still gets dark quite early so whether this is for nipping from the tent to the toilet block, or an emergency light when you get lost coming down from your hike a good headtorch is incredibly useful.

Great footwear – no-one loves blisters, so making sure you have comfortable hiking boots or shoes is key. Wear them in before you head away and make sure you have appropriate socks as well.

Map & compass – coming back to the “not getting lost” thing, having an actual map (not just Google maps on your phone) and knowing how to read it, with a compass and navigate your way back to your start point is vital

Waterproofs – living in England, we are all used to this one, but especially if you’re heading up a hill/mountain where the weather is more changeable, packing a lightweight but waterproof jacket (and trousers) is a good call. Make sure you re-waterproof them if they’re a bit old and have lost their powers!

Phone – so a phone may not be great for navigating, but it’s still a good thing to have in case of an emergency to call for help, or to let your family/friends who may be waiting for you know that you’re going to be a bit late because you took a wrong turn etc. Plus they take great photos to remind you of all those good memories!


What are your adventure essentials?

Beki x

NB: I was given a press pass to the shows at the Excel. 

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