Fantastic February

Ah as much as people tell you not to wish time away, I’m so glad it’s February! The long post-Christmas dreariness of January, when you are trying to eke out your finances till payday is finally over and Spring days seem that little bit closer. Plus February means it’s my birthday month so I’m allowed to be a little biased.

I’ve decided therefore that February is going to be FANTASTIC, and will be focusing on positivity this month to achieve my goals.



  • Be flexible!
  • I am aiming to fit in 2 runs, 2 cross-training sessions, 2 yoga sessions each week, but with the option to switch these around depending on my work load.
  • After completing the Winter Run 10k last weekend, chatting the whole way with my friend Jo, and my knee not giving up on me I am pretty happy! The focus is now on moving forward, and celebrating progress, however small.


  • Recognise that when things get stressful at work I turn to sugar to get me through, and look at how I can address this.
  • Work on my willpower, but don’t beat myself up if I do “fall off the healthy-eating wagon”.
  • Take time to sit down and enjoy the act of eating.

February goals


  • Read, read and read some more! My Bloglovin’ is full of blogs I haven’t caught up on for ages, I have a stack of magazines and a Kindle stocked with downloads and I’m craving filling my head with something that isn’t the 140 characters of Twitter or Instagram images.
  • Celebrate turning 29 and the beginning of the last year of my 20s in style! I have booked Yoga up the Shard, followed by brunch and cocktails – not a bad start…


Here’s to a FAB FEB! What have you got planned?

Beki x

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