January Goals Round-Up

I can’t believe it’s the end of January already!

The weeks have flown by, 2016 is well and truly underway and it’s time to see how I got on with my January goals.


The month in numbers:


Body Pump classes – 1 

FAIL! This goal didn’t really happen as the classes are on Thursdays and things kept cropping up on that day! I did make it to two spinning classes though which was great to mix things up, and add some cross-training.

Gym rehab sessions – 3 (every weekend)

The knee is improving slowly, I think. It’s hard to tell but I’m trying to persevere and not be impatient!

Runs – 7 (8 after the Winter Run)

I only managed two runs per week, with my longest run being 6k which wasn’t perhaps as many or as far as I would have liked. I am really happy that a lot of them were at lunchtimes with friend and colleague Stephanie – I’m loving getting out of the office for some fresh air, and getting to know her better as we chat and run together!

I’m looking forward to another social run with my friend Jo on Sunday at the London Winter Run 10k – we’re just going to take it slow and enjoy the snow zones and polar bears. Let me know if you’re running too! 🙂

Yoga videos – 21 

Ok, so I didn’t actually manage to do all 21 Days of the Yoogaia Challenge, but I loved tuning into a couple of live classes and making use of the platform. The 15 minute sessions were perfect to fit in of an evening, and I was definitely a fan of the Yin Yoga and Yogic Sleep classes to help me unwind and relax after a stressful day.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Yoogaia headquarters to film the final video of the challenge with yoga teacher Rishin. I was incredibly nervous if I’m honest! I’m not a slim, bendy yogi and was worried about making a fool of myself on camera but Rishin put me at ease. We went through things beforehand so I knew what poses to expect, and he talked throughout the live class about yoga being for everybody and not worrying if you couldn’t touch your toes or stretch as far as other people. It felt very inclusive and I managed to relax and enjoy myself. I hope that all of those people who tuned into the class or have since watched it on the platform thought I did an OK job!

Yoogaia 21 Day Challenge


Packed lunches made- 25/28

I’m pretty proud of this! I’ve really tried to stick to shopping once a week, and meal planning and prepping at the weekend to ensure I have food for every day. There have been a few times when this has fallen through, but generally I’ve managed a range of healthy, tasty lunches and enough snacks to stop me from wanting to dash out of the office for a chocolate bar!

Treats during the week – 2

I’ve done pretty well with not eating unhealthy treats during the week and have eliminated the evening snacking. I do still enjoy cake, biscuits and pancakes (brunch!) at the weekend, and will admit I caved and ate some caramel digestives during a particularly long work meeting this week but hey, we’re all human! The aim of this goal was to rein in my sweet tooth and break some bad habits so I figure 80% success is not bad.

Food collage


I didn’t do so well with my lifestyle goals this month. I definitely didn’t get to bed early enough, and didn’t read any books – terrible I know as I love reading! I’m going to give myself half a point though as I listened to the audiobook of Life of Pi, and managed to meet up with several friends. I also enjoyed a lovely day at Kew Gardens with my parents- a place I’ve been wanting to go to since I moved to London, and have run past numerous times on the Thames Path, so it was nice to go and explore.


How has your January been? Have you got 2016 off to a great start?

Beki x

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