ClassPass: 1Rebel Ride and Reshape

During my jaunt around the ClassPass studios this month, I think 1Rebel is one I could see myself actually committing to as a member – if I didn’t live/work so far away that is!
1Rebel is unlike any other “gym” I’ve been to before, it has a real luxury, cool vibe and only offers two different classes – Ride and Reshape. This is what I love about ClassPass as opposed to a gym membership- you can go to a dedicated Spinning studio, or Yoga studio where they have the top instructors and it’s completely set up to offer you the best experience in that particular sport. 

ClassPass: 1Rebel Ride and Reshape review

The changing rooms are huge, and with every little extra you could have thought of from ice cold towels for refreshing yourself after the workout, to hairdriers, deodorant, face cleanser, shampoo and conditioner in the showers and even heated benches!

ClassPass: 1Rebel Ride and Reshape review

The front of house is slick, well organised and includes a Roots & Bulbs cafe with juices and tasty looking food (lunch or a juice is included with each 30minute lunchtime class). Shoes for spinning, sweat towels, water and shower towels are all included in the class price which is £20 per sessions pay-as-you-go.

ClassPass: 1Rebel Ride and Reshape review

Rebel Ride is billed as the ultimate indoor cycling experience, with around 100 bikes packed into a studio with a superior sound and lighting setup- I went along to the themed Hip-Hop Ride as my first experience which was awesome! Melissa (@thrutheblue) was leading the ride, one seriously fit lady with bags of enthusiasm and an epic playlist!

ClassPass: 1Rebel Ride and Reshape review

The session was a full body workout incorporating weights on the state-of-the-art bikes with no let-up. I was sweating buckets by the end! Given that this was a themed class it was pretty popular so I would be interested to see how many people usually attend- with such a big studio it could feel a bit sparse if there were only a handful of bikes being used.

ClassPass: 1Rebel Ride and Reshape review

And I would say if you prefer more straight up serious cycling, it’s perhaps not for you. I loved the intense party atmosphere! 1Rebel also offer rides with LIVE music which I’m super keen to try out!

ClassPass: 1Rebel Ride and Reshape review

If you’ve heard of Barry’s Bootcamp or Project Fit, then Rebel Reshape is a similar style class. This intense workout incorporates treadmill sprints and hills, and weights and bodyweight exercises on the platform.

ClassPass: 1Rebel Ride and Reshape review

Again it was quite a big class, half starting on the treadmills and half on the floor. This does make it more difficult for one-to-one attention, but our instructor Ida (@idamayyy) was incredibly encouraging and enthusiastic, and demonstrated all the moves before we started, including giving us guidance on how to use the treadmills.

ClassPass: 1Rebel Ride and Reshape review

Throughout the class she called out inclines and speeds for each interval, with 3 different level options. If I’m honest, I was a little scared about trying this class. I really haven’t done a lot of speedwork so started out with the bottom level for each one, but I only managed to sustain this until about halfway through the session! After that I just pushed myself as much as I could- being in a group atmosphere definitely made me try harder and keep going much longer than I would have on my own!

ClassPass: 1Rebel Ride and Reshape review

I struggled with the treadmill sections, but each was only 4minutes long so you could push through. It almost felt like the burpees, planks, box jumps, squats and lunges were a break afterwards, even though they definitely weren’t easy! Each Rebel platform has weights underneath ranging from 6kg to 16kg (as far as I remember) so you could make the workout as challenging as you liked.

ClassPass: 1Rebel Ride and Reshape review

The final treadmill section was “Dynamic Mode” which means the belt no longer moves under you, YOU have to make it move- by running with your feet, doing a walking plank, any number of difficult moves! It did add a bit of amusement to the end of the session. And while I may have been trying not to be sick at points, by the end of the hour, the sense of satisfaction and endorphin high had me rushing to book my next class!

My summary? Get yourself down to 1Rebel and give it a try! The first session is free but I pretty much guarantee you’ll find yourself wanting to go back for more.

If you’d like to sign up to ClassPass there are some great introductory offers including £10 for a weeks trial (EDIT- this is no longer available). Click here to find out more about membership costs. I’ll be doing a summary post next week on my experience including a breakdown of costs.

Do you love Spinning? How about treadmill intervals?

Beki x

NB: Photos courtesy of 1Rebel. I have a free month of ClassPass but all opinions of the studios I’m trying out are my own!

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    Great blog & review – I'm moving to London in August and really would like to try out something similar so I love reading all your reviews. On my last visit I got the ball rolling by going to a Ride class here at 1Rebel and found many similar ideas to yourself


    July 5, 2015 at 5:51 pm
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