Ealing Half Marathon Training Update

I haven’t really talked much about my training for Ealing Half Marathon.

This is partly because I wasn’t really sure I was going to get to the start line! After I got injured training for Windsor Half Marathon it took me quite a long time to recover.

Running the Thames Path in London

My hip injury was never officially diagnosed- I had a fairly poor physio who was vague and unhelpful and even though I tried to follow his guidance with rest, icing and strengthening exercises, if I’m completely honest it’s still not 100% better. I definitely need to work on being more assertive and getting what I want out of people, but that’s another story!

I initially had a complete month off running (June) and then started back from scratch, running 5 minutes, then 10 minutes etc rebuilding my strength gradually (July). I was told if at any point I started to feel pain again to back off, and go back to the distance I could do pain-free, but fortunately there were no problems.

This meant that I didn’t really start training for Ealing until August.

The training plan I’ve been following this time round I kind of made up (!) but it’s loosely based on this one from Runner’s World.

I modified the plan to be in miles instead of kilometres, and simplified it to 3-runs per week (although I will admit I haven’t done all of them due to weekends away and busy weeks). The plan consists of 2 shorter runs during the week and 1 long run at the weekend, plus one Yoga/Body Balance class per week, lunchtime circuits with Steph for a few weeks, and the odd Spinning class!

8 week half marathon training plan

Most of the time I can run without pain and feel fine, but I definitely recognise that my hip is still a weak area and after longer runs (such as Spitfire Scramble) my left hip area aches and feels sore. I make sure to ice it and listen to my body, but I think it’s going to take some time before I’m totally recovered.

I increased the long run by 1-mile per week, and due to lack of time omitted any taper. Half marathon plans vary between having a taper or increasing to “peak” in Half Marathon Race week. Steadily increasing distance to race day just means recovery is more important in order to make sure your legs are fresh after the previous weekend’s long run. It will remain to be seen whether this will work for me at Ealing next weekend!

Team Naturally Run vest
Rocking my Team Naturally Run vest this weekend!

Sunday was my 10-miler and I repeated the same route as I ran whilst training for the Windsor Half– Clapham to Richmond. I love running along the river, and it’s such a simple route that I don’t have to worry about getting lost and can just enjoy the scenery 🙂

Running the Thames Path London

I followed a 4-1 run/walk method – all my runs since my injury have been using a run/walk program which has enabled me to complete the distance required, even if its been pretty slow! It averages out at approx 12:30min/mile, definitely not speedy but I’m just happy to make it to the start line of Ealing really!

Lots of people use the Jeff Galloway Run-Walk method to train for all their races and there are helpful training plans and calculators on his website.

Sailing and rowing on the Thames


The weather was lovely this weekend. I watched the rowers and sailors on the river, and dodged plenty of other runners and cyclists on the towpath. I won’t say the 10miles felt easy, but the run-walk method enabled me to finish reasonably strongly and I didn’t experience any more than the usual acheyness in my legs!

I will be happy to finish Ealing next weekend and get an official Half Marathon time, but after that my focus will be on returning to strength before I take on anymore long runs…

How do you deal with returning to exercise after injury? Let me know if you’ll be at Ealing next weekend – I’ll be wearing my Team Naturally Run vest shown above, so will be easy to spot! 🙂

Beki x

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