Weekly Workout Recap : Pilates

Monday – REST
Tuesday – Cycle to/from work 11.3miles
Wednesday – Crossfit 7-8am and Pilates 1-1:45pm
Thursday – REST
Friday – Crossfit 7-8am
Saturday – Women’s Running 10k!
Sunday – REST

Just a quick recap this week, as the highlight was definitely completing the Women’s Running 10k around Finsbury Park! Check out my race recap here.


I also went to a Pilates mat class on Wednesday lunchtime just a couple of minutes from my office (at Surbiton Pilates). I have high hopes for it becoming a regular feature- it would be super convenient to attend one so near to work! And I definitely feel that adding some core work and general flexibility and strengthening would assist with my other activities, as well as hopefully helping to alleviate and prevent injuries.


I used to take Body Balance classes which are a mix of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, and my friend Rachel (pilates instructor) has also gone through a few moves with me, so it wasn’t completely alien. I actually really enjoyed the slow pace for a change, although I still felt like my muscles were working!

How has your week been?

Beki x

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