Weekly Workout Recap : Trek Lexa SL

Monday – Crossfit 7-8am
Tuesday – 11.5mile bike ride
Wednesday – Crossfit 7-8am
Thursday – 4mile run with Charlie
Friday – Crossfit 7-8am
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 11.7mile bike ride

So as you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook this week I finally picked up my new shiny road bike! I bought it through the Cycle to Work scheme for the London Duathlon, and to commute the 6miles to my office 2-3 times a week.

I’ve been ridiculously excited since I decided which one I wanted, and was so impatient for it to arrive in store and the payment to go through so I could get on it and ride!

I was originally unsure whether to go for a hybrid or a road bike – I’ve never ridden a road bike before, hybrids are perhaps more versatile and generally cheaper… But road bikes are specifically designed for riding on the road (duh) which is what I will predominantly be using it for, and will be of greater long term benefit for fitness events such as the London Duathlon.

Hence why I sucked up my courage to get the Trek Lexa SL. For bike geeks out there, this is part of Trek women’s entry level road bike range, but with carbon forks, Shimano Tiagra components and a triple chainset.

It comes in this gorgeous black and pink combo too! I’m not usually a pink person – give me blue or turquoise any day rather than the usual “pink it and shrink it” rubbish, but I actually love it on the Lexa.

I also bought some accessories with the bike including a heavy duty lock, travel pump, lights and water bottle – some of the essential items for cycling (I already had a helmet…). Next on the agenda is definitely some padded shorts!

I took it out for a test ride to Bushy Park on Tuesday which is where the photos were taken – and then I trialled the route to work at the weekend so I will know where I’m going next week.

I’m not particularly speedy yet, and there was some stopping to check I was going the right way – I managed a max speed of just over 19mph on the downhills. But I’m sure that will come with time…

The plan is to build my confidence in road cycling and get used to the skinny tyres, lighter than air frame (seriously, I can pick it up with one hand), aerodynamic (if slightly awkward) riding position and twitchy (read wobbly!) response to any movement of the handlebars….

I’ll keep you posted with how it goes! πŸ™‚

Any tips from road cyclists?

Beki x

PS. I also went for a lovely run along with the river in Richmond with Charlie on Thursday – check out her recap here.

Photo courtesy of Charlie

PPS. I may have just entered the ballot for the Prudential London-Surrey 100 2014! Eeek! Got to get good at this cycling stuff now!

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