Movie Madness

I’d like to create a regular feature discussing which movies/TV series I’ve watched recently. I have varied tastes with a passion for Disney 🙂 We have a LoveFilm account and get new films sent every so often, it’s always interesting to discover something new, although not always with great success! We started watching the third Transformers movie the other day (Dark of the Moon) and turned it off after about half an hour and watched Dr Who instead (a bit of David Tennant is so much better!).

On Monday evening I went to see The Hunger Games at the cinema- it’s had a lot of hype and some pretty good reviews, so I was expecting big things. Perhaps a bad idea, films almost never live up to their expectations when they’re talked about so much in the media. I thought it was quite good- definitely an interesting idea and an engaging story, and Jennifer Lawrence is a great lead. However, for me it was lacking depth- there wasn’t enough development of the supporting characters so I didn’t really care when they died, and the relationship between Peeta and Katniss seemed hugely fake. I haven’t read the books so I’m interested to see if they fill in some of this- the original books are often much better than the films, such as is the case with Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials Trilogy- The Golden Compass was awful! I wonder if they will make the next two books in the Hunger Games series into films, it seems to have had a pretty good reception so far.

I’d give The Hunger Games a 3/5, still a bit too “Twilight” for me…

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