…Moves House

Phew! Finally able to sit down for a bit and update you on the madness of house-moving! We are officially in our new place now- handed over the keys to The Cowshed (yes, an awesome name) this afternoon after scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom, and hoovering madly so as to leave it in a decent state. It’s all empty- boo hoo…

It took 3 days to move everything- but fortunately we were only going about half an hour up the road so we just did many journeys! 4 car loads on the Wednesday to get the kitchen sorted (tip: definitely one of the first things you should do if you’re moving so you can have a cup of tea as a break from lifting boxes!), and then 3 van loads and several car loads on Thursday- how do we have so much stuff?!! There must have been about 10 boxes just of books and DVDs 🙂 (tip: label boxes with the rooms they are to go in straight away so you don’t waste time lugging them from room to room) Yesterday we did a mammoth job on unpacking and organising and it looks pretty much sorted now- good job because my sister is coming to stay next week and will need to get in the spare bedroom!

Vanilla oat cookies that we snacked on while packing/unpacking- yummy!

A mountain of boxes- mission in progress! (and several cuddly toys…hehe…)

Our first meal in the new house- panfried duck breast w/new potatoes and peas!

New kitchen- check out our matching appliances and storage jars 🙂 We have just ordered a washing machine too (not a blue one…)- oh, the excitement of being an adult!

Looking forward to exploring the new area we live in- it’s much nearer the city so has a few pubs and cafes within walking distance so I’m hoping to give some reviews once we’ve been to try them out.

Happy Easter everyone- make sure you eat lots of Creme Eggs!

Beki x

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