Mercury and Jupiter

What pets do you have? Or have had whilst growing up?

These are my beautiful boys 🙂 We had them from kittens when they were tiny little balls of fluff! A friend of mine at school had 3 female tabbies, and they ALL had kittens at the same time! I remember going round to her house to choose our boys and her kitchen was just over-run with little squeaking things- so cute…

We wanted to get two so that they had company for each other, and had been recommended that two of the same gender was a good idea. So, we first picked up Mercury as he was the only grey kitten- and he was a boy…

Then it was just a question of finding another boy-kitten to be his friend so we were just picking up kittens and turning them upside down, inspecting them to see what bits they had! Hilarious!

There was a mass of tabby cats, and some really tiny little black ones with white bibs- but they weren’t old enough to leave their mum yet being only about 4 weeks old.

Eventually we ended up with a cute little tabby who we named Jupiter- he was trying to escape the kitchen when we grabbed him, obviously trying to make a bid for freedom! Although you’d never have thought it after that- he became the fluffiest, laziest cat ever…

He loves measuring his paws…

The boys came home with us and were a source of entertainment and comfort for many years.
We had a great garden for them to play in…

Mercury still lives at home with my parents- he must be getting on for 10years old now, OAP cat… 🙂

Do any of you have cute pics of your pets? Send them to me at and I’ll try and create a Pet Wall of Fame post.  

Beki x

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