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Dinner at Yo Sushi yesterday evening with Mark’s friend, Nick. I am a big fan of Yo Sushi especially their Blue Mondays offer where every plate on offer is the same price, Β£2.30. And for April they’ve extended it to Thursdays as well, an offer too good to pass up!

I love the fun atmosphere of watching the plates go round the conveyor belt and deciding what to have- the belt was a little empty yesterday which was suprising for an offer day, especially as the restaurant was full of people. But we managed to pick off enough plates that we liked, and ordered a few more just for good measure!

Mark and I shared a selection of different things.
Edamame beans to start…

Salmon sashimi…

Crispy duck futomaki (not that amazing- I absolutely love duck but I got bones in it this time, boo)

Then one of my favourite dishes, Chicken Katsu! The sauce is just awesome, I must try making it myself at home. And some prawn and avocado ISO rolls.

I was pretty stuffed by this point! Mark had a couple more dishes and then helped me finish off my dessert- Dorayaki with raspberry sauce, mmm…

Check out our stack of plates!

If you’re a sushi addict like me and are ever in the Norfolk area, I highly recommend Shiki for a more laid back and indulgent Japanese experience. Every Monday and Tuesday they do a Sushi Night where for Β£24.50 you can eat all the sushi you want! They hand you a check-list of their menu and you just put a tick next to an item  if you would like it, so we usually end up selecting everything- and then they just continually bring you sushi all night! Amazing, and it’s really good quality too- go check it out πŸ™‚

Have a great Friday, it’s the weekend tomorrow! Woop!

Beki x

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