…Gets Spicy

Hope you’re having a good weekend…

Friday evening
Body Combat

Achey arms!

Our Uni friend Rachel came down for the day- the weather was a bit pants but we chilled out and chatted. And made an awesome chilli for dinner!

The following recipe quantities are a bit vague but if you fancy replicating it here’s the general order of things:

1. Chop a couple of onions and some carrots…

2. Brown your mince (approx 500g) and onion in a little sunflower oil…(don’t forget to add some crushed garlic!)

3. Then add in 2 cartons of chopped tomatoes and your chopped carrots…

4. Season. We used smoked paprika, ground cumin, oregano, chilli flakes and some cayenne pepper (and salt and pepper of course).

 5. Leave to simmer for 10-15minutes to cook the carrots. Meanwhile cook your rice (or whatever you want to have with your chilli- pasta, jacket potato, bread etc…) and grate loads of cheese!

6. Finally add red kidney beans and pinto beans- you can get these ready prepared in cans, or dried. In this case you’ll have to soak them overnight and then boil for 30-40minutes prior to adding them to your chilli. This requires a little more planning but the packets of dried beans are so much cheaper!

We also added frozen peas and sweetcorn for a bit of colour πŸ™‚ Cook for another 5-10minutes…

…and serve! (Glass of wine optional…) Don’t forget to top with a generous handful of grated cheese! This recipe makes a massive amount of chilli so is perfect for creating leftovers to eat later in the week. 

Mark went to take Rachel to the station after that and I was left with the washing up, boo…

PS. This is our new kitchen timer- so cute!

Tomorrow is the Les Mills BTS Launch at my gym where they introduce the new release of the different classes. It’s usually a good laugh- they have a different theme every time, tomorrow is Glow in the Dark! Glow sticks, wooo! This is what I’ve signed up for:

9:30-10:30 Body Combat
10:30-11:30 Body Pump
11:30-12:30 Body Attack

Find a class in your area and give it a go!

I’m sure I will be totally exhausted after that! Will probably come home and collapse πŸ™‚

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