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Super lazy Sunday today! Massive lay-in followed by blueberry pancakes for brunch, om nom nom (sorry, no photos, I scoffed them before I remembered!) Today was about making the most of my last day of holiday, it’s back to early starts  and a working week tomorrow.

I am however looking forward to the opportunity to kick-start my fitness and healthy eating plan. I’m the type of person who likes to plan and organise everything before actually doing it, which can be bad if you do more planning and organising than actually doing! But in this case I’m using the “back to work” deadline as an “I must start now” point, and giving myself a certain number of weeks to achieve a goal. I think having something tangible to aim for is more motivating so I’m intending to RUN (not walk) the Norwich Park Run 5k on Saturday 16th June (give or take a week for flexibility).

Might seem a trivial distance, but I am definitely not a runner and I know this is going to be a challenge. However, having 8 weeks to be able to run 5k seems like an achievable challenge, and definitely one which I am up for! 🙂 (Having now posted it on here, I will also have to stick to my plan so no backing out…)


I found a spare calendar to mark up the weeks and have made a rough weekly plan- I have a gym membership at Bannatynes and love the classes there so am intending to fit a few of them in too. I’m also being super childish and old-school and will reward myself with gold stars every time I tick off a workout, as well as making a note of the activity/time/distance/kcal etc. I’m hoping that by keeping a record I’ll be able to see my improvements which will in turn spur me on!

So here’s the plan for this week:

MONDAY– 6-7pm Body Attack class
WEDNESDAY– 7-7:30am Express Spin class
FRIDAY– 6:30-7:30pm Body Combat class
SATURDAY– Practise 5k*
SUNDAY– 10:30-11:30am Body Pump

*(I intend to do this every weekend and gradually increase the amount that I can run and hopefully improve my time- just need to find a good route nearby!)

I’m intending to roughly follow a basic Couch to 5k program run/walking until I can run consistently for a decent amount of time. Time-wise I’m flexible as to when I do it, whether it’s morning, lunchtime or evening, inside on a treadmill or outside (this is preferable, but I’m a wuss when it comes to rain, I’ll man up, promise…)- as long as I just do it!!

Will keep you posted on my progress. 

Beki x

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