This is my first foray into the world of blogging and I’m quite excited 🙂 I’ve only recently discovered blogs and have become quite addicted to reading other peoples, and they’ve motivated me to try it for myself. I also feel that if I’m writing down what I get up to, perhaps it will kick me into gear to actually achieve some of the things on my long list of goals! Well that’s the plan anyway…

So to begin, a little introduction:

Hi (waves), my name is Beki. This is quite a busy week in my life at the moment, so perhaps not the best time to be starting a new project, but I figure if there’s lots going on I’ll have more to write about and more to interest readers! Tomorrow my boyfriend and I get the keys to our new rented place, woop! I’m pretty excited, although things are a bit of a mess at this end at the moment- boxes everywhere! Packing is probably the worst part, although I secretly do love organising and am looking forward to getting everything neat and tidy in our new house. We’ve hired a van for our furniture on Thursday and will be moving everything ourselves (with the help of my boyfriend’s parents as they live locally), so I better warm up my arm muscles!

I’m a little sad to be leaving our current house, it’s been a great first home together and is in a beautiful location.

Look at that! Peaceful and right next to the river… But that of course has it’s downsides, namely being miles from town and the nearest shops and having to get the car out every time you want to go anywhere. And with the cost of petrol (arrgh!) it will be nice to be within walking/cycling distance of things- and better for my fitness too! Haha…

Our new house is within walking distance of my current gym which I (try) to attend regularly- things have sort of fallen by the wayside recently what with work, and stressing about finding a house and then packing, but I’m hoping to run out of excuses soon! 😉 My goal this summer is to get into running too- I’d love to spend more time outside as my work is 9-5 in an office, so exercising and getting some fresh air/Vit D seems like a good plan. And perhaps something I could even fit in in my lunch break. I have mild asthma though (hence the blog title, haha) so I’m a bit of a wuss about actually getting on with it- I hated running at school and even though I’ve improved since then, I know it’s going to be hard- but it won’t get any easier if I don’t actually try so here goes! A little incentive is the fact that I might be going to Australia this summer (sshh, I don’t want to jinx it, so we’ll keep that under wraps for now) so definitely need that bikini body, haha.

Anyway, that’s enough for now- I better go and pack some boxes.

Beki x

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