Beating the Blues

So I was in a pretty crabby mood today- the weather is really getting me down (Any thoughts about S.A.D…?), I’m feeling a bit stressed with work and thinking about not seeing Mark for 2months while he’s working in Australia. Sometimes everything just frustrates you all at once, you know!

However, I made myself get out the office and go for a run at lunchtime despite the grey drizzle and it really helped. The fresh air and concentrating on something else entirely for half an hour just blew the cobwebs away and made me restart the afternoon feeling a little more positive…

Distance – 2.73km (the same route as I did last week but I started my tracker after I’d got through the gate at work as it wastes so much time!)
Time – 22:08mins
Average pace – 8:06min/km
Calories burned – 178kcal

Here are a few tips to try and banish those blues, if you’re feeling a bit down today:

1. Think to yourself  “I don’t have to feel like this” and make a concious decision to do something about your mood.
2. Get outside- go for a run, walk your dog/kids/cat, stand in the garden in the pouring rain and let it wash away all those grumpy thoughts.
3. Read/watch something funny to make you smile. I recommend this dude…


4. Cook yourself something super tasty that you love, or that you’ve been meaning to make for ages. That sense of satisfaction when you create a dish yourself will make you feel like you have done something awesome with your day…And you get to eat the end product, bonus!

5. Talk to someone- chat to or phone a partner/friend/parent/sibling and have a shared rant about everything that is weighing you down. You’ll feel better for getting it off your chest.

And smile 🙂

Beki x

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