Back to Work

MONDAY = Back to work
The 7:30am start wasn’t too bad though, mostly because I got woken up by the dustcart reminding me that I’d forgotten to put the bin out last night, oops!
Breakfast– 2 crushed Weetabix with yoghurt and defrosted berries, a small bread roll and a mug of tea.

Lunch today– leftover homemade vegetable pizza, apple slices (and celery sticks which I’d already snacked on by this point!) and a Nature Valley Oats & Berries cereal bar. The pizza was yummy and I saved the cereal bar for my pre-gym snack so I would have enough energy.

1 hour

It was hard work! But great fun too, and I love that achey but satisfied feeling afterwards…

Dinner– I had a smoothie as soon as I got home (banana, strawberry frozen yoghurt, oats, milk, defrosted frozen berries- yummy!). And then Mark cooked Baked Eggs in Pots– an amendment on a recipe by Rachel Khoo (who’s series The Little Paris Kitchen is well worth a watch! Makes me want to go to Paris and eat lots of food!)- he added ham and mushrooms as well to give them extra flavour, very tasty πŸ™‚ We had salad and homemade bread on the side.

By the way…

I’m thinking of buying an iPad– my laptop is slowly dying and is rather big and bulky. I’d like something a little more portable for blogging, sending emails, web surfing whilst out and about (or just lounging in bed :-p ). I am however finding it hard to justify the price tag- especially because I would want one with a little more memory than just the basic 16gb. So any reviews or opinions from people who have one (or don’t but just want to give their thoughts!) would be hugely helpful!

Have a good evening. I’m off to chill and watch some TV.

Beki x

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