DNA testing for health and fitness

DNA testing for health and fitness
 What if you knew that:
…you are gluten tolerant and can enjoy your favourite pasta and breads without worry?
…you could benefit from eating slower and running less to lose more weight?
…you shouldn’t be that scared about heart attack but should track your insulin more closely?

I’ve always wondered if my DNA and genetics has had an impact on my health and fitness over the years. I’m not a ‘natural athlete’ by any means, but since trying a pretty big range of exercise types I’ve noticed a difference in how quickly (or slowly) I improve, how certain things come easier, and how specific sports have a more noticeable change on my body.

So why is this? And why is that some people can eat whatever they want and never seem to put on weight, while others (me) only have to sniff a doughnut for it to go straight to my hips!

DNA testing for health and fitness

Recently there has been a huge growth in companies offering people the chance to find out where on the spectrum they sit, and providing personalised activity and nutrition plans to help you reach your goals more effectively. You provide a saliva sample, and experts use genetic profiling to deliver bespoke treatment plans.

One such company that offers this service is called iamYiam – what’s different about these guys is that they include goals that focus on mental wellbeing and stress relief, as well as weight loss and improved fitness. You can complete a questionnaire on their website if you’re not sure what your goal should be, and based on your answers on the ‘4 pillars of wellbeing’ (Purpose, Relational, Physical, Mind) it will suggest a goal – Lose Weight, Lower Stress etc.

After receiving your DNA results, iamYiam can then provide access to qualified practitioners through their online platform to help you reach these targets, including sessions in yoga, Pilates, acupuncture, massage and meditation. They also sell Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Spirulina and other supplements as part of your suggested Nutrition plan. 

The idea is that this particular service offers a complete health overview, bringing together genetics, the latest scientific health solutions and lifestyle research to produce a completely personalised plan.


DNA testing for health and fitness

I am pretty curious as to what my results would tell me but at £387 it is quite an expensive indulgence, although they do test a wide range of health traits.

Have you every tried a DNA Fitness test and what did you learn? 

 Beki x

NB: This is a sponsored post by iamYiam. 


  1. Geraldine March 16, 2017 / 10:48 am

    Like you I’d be intrigued what a test like this could tell me, but also like you I think it’s quite a pricey indulgence! I’d be reluctant to spend that kind of money – but then again it could turn out to be the best money every spent, but I have to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be doing anytime soon – though I would dearly love to! I especially like the look of this one as it seems to consider the person as a whole and not just looking solely at food intolerances which is a different approach to others I’ve read about! x

  2. Scallywag March 19, 2017 / 10:19 pm

    I’m going to be honest that I haven’t researched these at all. But I just heavily doubt that the gene sets that contribute to these things are isolated and therefore readable. Genes in general are just not currently well isolated. Additionally a lot of what makes us who we are is epigenetic- its not only genes but the environment that makes them express in a certain way. I’d love to read this company’s research if they have some linked?

    • misswheezy March 26, 2017 / 7:15 pm

      Interesting feedback, and something I’ve definitely thought about, particularly the ‘nature vs nuture’ argument. This company claims to use over 169,347 scientific research papers to translate your DNA…https://www.iamyiam.com/y-knowledge/Research/Genetics

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